Punjab Jewellers present Chaandbalis in the most contemporary, on-trend, unique and extremely desirable avatar yet. Statement pieces that are celebrated for their versatility and superlative ability to compliment every face and light up any occasion, Chaandbali at Punjab Jewellers amaze with their resplendent allure.

Loops of eternal love… She pranced along the path, And with her danced my heart… her flashing eyes told their story… And her lovely smile spilled secrets… With every lilt other handballs, My soul gave a start…

I asked the moon once, Who is lovelier- You or my beloved, The moon merely smiled and said, Don’t you see me in her and her in me?

Chandbalis or ‘Moon loops’ are traditional Indian jewelry design that have always stayed in style, but have recently made a huge splash on the fashion scene.

In a plethora of delectable design, these solid gold Chaandbalis, embellished with intricate patterns in ruby, pearls, diamonds, emeralds etc. from collectibles for life and eternal gifts of love that add a festive touch to every relationship

Delicate and ethereal a pair of chandbaalis is a must in every women’s jewel treasure