A perfect occasion calls
for a special gift

Joyful and auspicious times in life need something special to make them even more memorable, endearing and multiply the happiness and bliss. A touch of magic is evoked with the simple sprinkle some gold-dust and the memories become diamond bright for years to come. The sparkle of stones can add luster to every occasion, as jewellery buying is a sound financial and smart investment decision in itself. So go ahead, experience the unique and joyful indulgence of owning and enjoying a glorious jewel while staying secure in the knowledge that it’s a savvy and smart financial decision also.


There is no better occasion than the great ‘festival of lights’ to welcome more light and brightness into your life, with a virtuoso masterpiece of jewellery. Every family awaits this most important Indian festival all year round and there is no greater joy than adding to the family coffers by buying a gift celebrating Goddess Lakshmi herself…in the form of a golden nugget or timeless diamond encrusted piece.

Karwa Chauth

If she can elevate you to the status of a demigod by fasting all day for you, Karva Chauth is the perfect time and occasion for you to make her believe she is a goddess herself by getting her a splendid piece of jewellery. An exceptional piece of jewellery will make her believe she just as magical and perfect as she makes you feel on this most auspicious and precious day.


The luckiest of the five day Diwali festivities, the very first day celebrates dhan (wealth) and falls on the teras (thirteenth) day of the Hindu calendar. Traditionally, the day is dedicated to the worship of wealth as denoted by gems, jewellery and precious objects. One of the most suitable days to buy precious jewellery and gold, Dhanteras celebrations are considered incomplete without the addition of something unique, prized and valuable to the family coffers.

Akshay Tritiya

Lord Parshuram’s birthday and one of the four most auspicious days of the Hindu calendar, this day is sacred. It is a significant occasion when one can pay homage to Goddess Lakshmi by bringing home a precious and venerated gold set or diamond jewellery.


No wedding is complete without grandiose jewellery and weddings are God-sent occasions which are made more glorious and splendid when the bride and groom and members of their families sport the latest and classic jewellery. Manubhai Jewellers bridal sets are globally renowned and sought after and Manubhai Jewellers has been consistently winning top honours in the gold bridal jewellery category at India’s most trusted Retail Jewellers Awards.

& birthdays

Delightful, relevant and enduring, a gift of jewels makes every occasion more unforgettable. Be it an anniversary when you both remember the vows you made to each other, or a birthday when you celebrate the special person in your life, a gift of jewellery is timeless, momentous and magical, especially when the jewellery is backed by total value for money and years of unimpeachable integrity and trust.